Plain Scripture proof of infants church-membership and baptism

Publication Date1653
Remainderbeing the arguments prepared for (and partly managed in) the publick dispute with Mr. Tombes at Bewdley on the first day of Jan. 1649. With a ful reply to what he then answered, and what is contained in his sermon since preached, in his printed books, his M.S. on 1 Cor. 7.14. which I saw, against M. Marshall, against these arguments. With a reply to his valedictory oration at Bewdley; and a corrective for his antidote. By Richard Baxter. A minister of Christ for his church at Kederminster. Constraine unavoidably hereto by Mr. Tombes his importunity; by frequent letters, messengers, in his pulpit, and at last in print, calling out for my arguments, and charging the deniall upon my conscience. With an appendix of animadversions on Mr. Bedfords tractate, and part of Dr. Wards, which seem to give too much to baptism.
Extent[56], 168, 171-346, [2], 347-415, [1] p.
Publisherprinted for Robert VVhite


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