Diotrephes catechised: or Sixteen important questions

Publication Date1646
Remaindertouching the ecclesiastical jurisdiction and censures (contradistinct to civill) now eagerly pretended to and challenged by a divine right, by some over-rigid Presbyterians, and Independents. Propounded to both these dissenting parties, for the further discovery of truth; the preservation of the civill Christian magistrates interest, and speedier comprimising [sic] of our present unhappy controversies touching church-government: on which many now so over-dote, ... to repute all our former reformation, ... and the exercise of their ministry, ... in case they cannot obtain their demands of such an exorbitant power, by Divine jnstitution [sic], which Christ and his Apostles never claimed, exercised, nor themselves, nor predecessors, ever formerly enioyed, petitioned for, or pretended to in any age, but this. Proposed; published by W. Prynne a well-wisher to verity and unity
Extent16 p.
Publisherprinted for Michael Sparkes


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