A short discourse of the truth & reasonableness of the religion delivered by Jesus Christ

Publication Date1662
RemainderWherein the several arguments for Christianity are briefly handled; the miracles done by our Saviour, Apostles and Christians, in confirmation of this doctrine, are proved from the confessions of the enemies of our religion, Jews and heathens, and from the unquestioned authorities of the most eminent fathers of the primitive church. Unto which is added A disquisition touching the Sibylls and the Sibylline writings; wherein the objections made by Opsopćus, Isaac Casaubon, David Blondel, and others, are examined, and the authority of those writings asserted; which may serve as an appendix to the foregoing discourse. By another hand
Extent[16], 251, [1] p.
Publisherprinted by J.M. for H. Herringman and are to be sold at his shop at the Blew Anchor in the lower walk of the New Exchange



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