Trying of spirits in our age now as in the apostles days by the spirit of Christ anointing within

Publication Date1683
RemainderShewing also that the church of Christ hath the same authority and power from Christ their head to admonish, judge, reprove, and rebuke such as make a profession of the truth but do not walk and live in the truth. So that the Apostles did prove by the Old Testament, that Jesus was the Christ, and after that the church came to believe in Christ, they were to prove and examine themselves how that Jesus Christ was in them, except they were reprobates. Also the true church is not to know people in a speech or good words, or in a form of Godliness, or in conferences, but in words, or in a form of Godliness and to believe not every spirit, but to try the spirits whether they be of God, yea or nay, John 1. 4
Extent[2], 29, [1] p.
Publisherprinted for Benjamin Clark in George-Yard in Lombard-street




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