An exact account of the procedings [sic] at the Old-Bayly this July the 13, 1683

Publication Date1683
Remainderwith a true survey of the tryal of the Lord Russel John Rouse William Hone joyner Capt. William Blage who were indicted for high treason in conspiring the, [sic] Kings death, and raising arm to subvert the goverment and alter the religeion [sic], and conpsreing [sic] the death of his royall brother James Duke of Yorke, the Lord Ruslel [sic], John, [sic] Rouse, William Hone, and one Captain Thomas Walcot, being all 4 condem'd to be hang'd drawn and quarter'd. William Hone, who was yesterday arraigned being set to the Bar,
Extent4 p.
Publisherprinted by E. Mallet



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