A dissertation on the disorders which affect the neck of the bladder

Publication Date1785
Remainderthe urinary passage, and the neighbouring parts, producing excrescences in the urethra, attended with the most dangerous Inflammations, and at last, partial, or total Suppressions of Urine, greatly endangering the Patient's Life. Shewing The different Causes of such Complaints, and the Cure of them made easy, by a Method lately discovered by the Author, of improving the Composition of Daran's Bougies, by which the Cure is sooner performed, without giving Pain, with greater Certainty, and more effectually than with the Bougies of the former Composition. Likewise hollow flexible catheters or bougies are made by the author, being the most commodious and useful Instruments hitherto invented (they giving no Manner of Pain) for injecting the Bladder of those who are troubled with Sand, Gravel, Stone, or Ulcers in that Part. A proper liquid for injection is also prepared by Francis Lallier, No. 3, Rathbone-Place
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