Dr. Cheyne's account of himself and of his writings

Publication Date1743
Remainderfaithfully extracted from his various works. To which are added. I. His Character, as it has been written since his Decease. II. His Aphorisms, or Rules of Health. III. His Method of curing a Cold. IV. His Remarks upon Pythagoras, Cornaro, Sir Isaac Newton, the famous Mr. Law, Dr. Barwick, &c. V. His Character of the Hon. George Baillie, Esq; VI. An Account of Dr. Pitcairn, and his Writings, by Dr. Sewell. Vii. Some Extracts from Lewis Cornaro, a Noble Venetian, concerning the Preservation of Health, and prolonging of Life. Viii. An uncommon Method of prolonging human Life to 115 Years, by Means of the Breath of Young Women
Publisherprinted and sold by J. Wilford, at the Three Flower-de-Luces, opposite to the Sessions-House, in the Old-Bailey



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