A heavenly cordial for all those servants of the Lord that have had the plague

Publication Date1666
Remainder(and are recovered) or that now have it; also for those that have escaped it, though their relations and friends have been either visited, or swept away by it. Or, thirteen divine maximes or conclusions in respect of the pestilence, which may be as so many supports, comforts, and refreshing springs, both to the visited and preserved people of God in this present day. Also ten arguments to prove that in times of common calamity, the people of God do stand upon the advantage ground, as to their outward preservation and protection above all other people under heaven. Also eight reasons why some of the precious servants of the Lord have fallen by the pestilence in this day of the Lords anger. By Thomas Brooks, late minister of the Gospel in London
Extent[4], 82, [2] p.
Publisherprinted for, and are to be sold by John Hancock, at the first shop in Popes-head Alley, next to Cornhill


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