Of the imputation of Christ's righteousness to believers

Publication Date1675
Remainderin what sence sound Protestants hold it; and, of the false devised sence, by which libertines subvert the Gospel. With an answer to some common objections, especially of Dr. Thomas Tully, whose Justif. Paulina occasioneth the publication of this. By Richard Baxter; a compassionate lamenter of the Church's wounds, caused by hasty judging and undigested conceptions, and by the theological wars which are hereby raised and managed; by perswading the world that meer verbal or notional differences are material, and such as our faith, love, concord and communion must be measured by, for want of an exact discussion of the ambiguity of words
Extent[20], 5-198, [2], 94, [2], 73-79 p.
Publisherprinted for Nevil Simmons and Jonathan Robinson, at the Kings-Arms and Golden-Lion in St. Pauls Church-yard


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