Fortune's fickle distribution

Publication Date1759
RemainderIn three parts. Containing first, the life and death of moll flanders; who was born in Newgate; debauch'd by her lady's eldest son, and then married to his brother; after whose death, she was twelve years a common whore; twelve years a thief; six times a married wife, once to her own brother; condemned at the Old Baily; eight years a transport; and at last married moll raby's sister in the disguise of a rich planter, who cheated her of what she had, and broke her heart, in the 77th year of her age. Part II. The life of Jane Hackabout, her governness, who was an attorney's daughter, a lady's woman, a whore, a bawd, a pawnbroker, a breeder up of thieves, a receiver of stolen goods, and at last died a penitent. Part III. The life of James Mac-faul, moll flanders's Lancashire husband, who was born in Ireland, came into England; turned gentleman, gamester, highwayman, and at last being transported, died a wealthy merchant at Virginia
PublisherPrinted for Henry Woodgate, and Samuel Broors, at the Golden Ball in Paternoster-row


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