Bibliotheca illustris: sive Catalogus variorum librorum in qua?vis lingua? & facultate insignium ornatissimæ bibliothecæ viri cujusdam prænobilis ac honoratissimi olim defuncti

Publication Date1687
Remainderlibris rarissimis tam typis excusis qua?m manuscriptis refertissimæ: quorum auctio habebitur Londini, ad insigne Ursi in vico dicto Ave-Mary-Lane, prope templum D. Pauli, Novemb. 21. 1687. Per T. Bentley, & B. Walford, bibliopolas. Lond
Extent[4], 6, [2], 5-18, [2], 19-44, 41-92, 91-94, [2] p.
PublisherCatalogues are distributed at 6 d. per catalogue, at Mr. Willis in Kings-street, Westminster. Mr. Holford at the Crown in the Pall-Mall. Mr. Sam Lownds near the Savoy. Mr. Wilkinson at the Black Boy, and Mr. Dring at the Harrow at Chancery-Land end in Fleet-street. Mr. Chiswell in S. Paul's Church-yard. Mr. Thomas Bentley at the Crown in Little-Brittain. Mr. Tho. Guy at the Oxford-Arms in Castle-Alley near the Royal Exchange. Mr. Bayly at the Bridgefoot in Southward. Mr. Benj. Shirly in Oxon, booksellers. And at the Coffee-Houses in Cambridge


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