Concerning marriage

Publication Date1661
Remainderhow God made them male and female in the beginning, and how he joyned them together, before they were drove from God into the Earth, and then the manner of marriage before the law, and then the marriage in the law, and the marriage amongst the Christians in the primitive times; and the marriage of the Apostate Christians, and Jews and Gentiles, where hardness of heart was, there men put a sunder: but where God joynes together, let none put a sunder, that is as it was in the beginning before man was driven from God into the Earth, out of the defiled bed in the dominion, in the unity with all saints, so not to be hid from them
Extent8 p.
Publisherprinted, for Thomas Simmons, at the signe of the Bull and Mouth, near Aldersgate


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