I The time when the first Sabbath was ordained. 1 Negatively, not in the time of Adams innocency, as many say it was. 2 Affirmatively, it was ordained after the time of Adams fall and re-creation

Publication Date1654
RemainderII The manner how the first Sabbath was ordained. 1 By blessing the seventh day with many spiritual ordinances, ... 2 By sanctifying that day for the exercise of the said ordinances. 3 By sanctifying the outward rest of that day, ... And hence it follows, 1 That as the Sabbath was ordained to be a typical sign, so it must be abolished, as soon as Christ had performed his said propitiatory sacrifice. 2 As it was ordained to be the sanctified time, for the exercise of the said blessed ordinances; so the next day of the week, into which it was changed, must continue without intermission to the end of the world. Part II. III A treatise of holy time, concerning the tru limits of the Lords day, when it begins, and when it ends, is hereunto annexed. By William Pynchon Esq. Published by authority
Extent[16], 143, [17], 120 p.
Publisherprinted by R[obert]. I[bbitson]. and are to be sold by T[homas]. N[ewberry]., at the three Lions in Cornhil, near the Royal Exchange



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