Reflexions on the Council of Trent

Publication Date1679
Remainderin three discourses. I. That the Protestants, without any necessity of inquiring into the decrees of the Council of Trent, have sufficient reason to reject it. II. That the doctrine of the Council of Trent is contrary to the antient doctrine of the Catholic Church. III. That the Council of Trent was so far from reforming the disorders which had crept into the church, that it really made the breaches in its discipline wider, and cut off all hopes of correcting the antient abuses. A conclusion of the foregoing discourses. Concerning the state of the Church of England, and how she hath bin more successful in the reformation of her faith and manners, then the Church of Rome. By H.C. de Luzanci, Mr. of Arts of Christ Church in Oxford
Extent[16], 111, [1], 121-213, [1] p.
Publisherprinted at the Theater, and are to be sold by Moses Pit at the Angel in St. Pauls Church-yard, Peter Parker at the Leg and Star in Cornhil, William Leak at the Crown in Fleetstreet, and Thomas Guy at the Corner Shop of little Lumbard-street and Cornhil


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