Spiritual refining: part II or, a treatise of sinne with its causes, differences, mitigations and aggravations

Publication Date1654
RemainderParticularly of the desperate deceitfulness of mans heart, of presumptuous and reigning sins, and of hypocrisie and formality in religion. Also occasionally handling the uprightness and tenderness of a gracious heart; and therein discovering the nature of a misguided conscience, as also of secret and unknown sins that the best men are guilty of, with directions to the godly under their fears about them. Shewing withall, that a strict scrutiny into a mans heart and wayes, with a holy fear of sinning, doth consist with a Gospel-life of faith and joy in the holy Ghost. All tending to Unmask counterfeit Christians. Terrifie the ungodly. Comfort and direct the doubting saint. Humble man. Exalt the grace of God. In XLII sermons, by Anthony Burgess, sometime fellow of Emanuel Colledge in Cambridge, and now pastor of Sutton-Coldfield in Warwickshire.
Extent[18], 368, [12] p.
PublisherPrinted by A.M. and are to be sold by Thomas Newberry, at the three Lions on Cornhili [sic] by the Exchange


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