Irelands naturall history

Publication Date1657
RemainderBeing a true and ample description of its situation, greatness, shape, and nature; of its hills, woods, heaths, bogs; of its fruitfull parts and profitable grounds, with the severall ways of manuring and improving the same: with its heads or promontories, harbours, roads, and bays; of its springs and fountains, brooks, rivers, loghs; of its metalls, mineralls, free-stone, marble, sea-coal, turf, and other things that are taken out of the ground. And lastly, of the nature and temperature of its air and season, and what diseases it is free from, or subject unto. Conducing to the advancement of navigation, husbandry, and other profitable arts and professions. Written by Gerald Boate, late Doctor of Physick to the state of Ireland. And now published by Samuell Hartlib, Esq; for the common good of Ireland, and more especially, for the benefit of the adventurers and planters therein
Extent[16], 186, [6] p.
LocationImprinted at London
Publisherfor John Wright at the Kings Head in the Old Baily


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