A most excellent eloquent speech

Publication Date1683
Remaindermade, not by an irreligious, rebellious, improbous, impious, seditious, pestiferous, pernicious, factious, flagitious, vicious, vafritious, mischievous, malicious, mutinous, luxurious, letcherous, &c. noble peer; but by a most noble and wise, pious and vertuous emperor, (viz.) Alexander Severus, to the common people of Rome, assembled before him in Pompey's Theatre. With the causes, as likewise the effects thereof, which were an humble ... verbal address, to His Imperial Majesty, of all their lives and fortunes; being a rare pattern of pagan piety and obedience. Made English out of the Greek. With a few quintessential queries and remarques thereupon. Calculated for the meridian of the famous city of London, but may prove of singular service and infallible use to all the atheistical, dissenting, disloyal, and phanatica subjects of His Sacred Majesty of Great-Brittain, France, and Ireland, &c. without the least preceptible error or mistake in the world
Extent[2], 18 p.
PublisherPrinted for W. Davis, in Amen-Corner, M.DC.LXXXIII. [1683]


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