A new treatise of artificial wines, or A Bacchean magazine

Publication Date1690
Remainderin three parts. The first, plain and useful directions in the doctrine of fermentation, by which variety of artificial wines are made from various growths giving an account of their respective vertues and medicinal office, both as physick and drink. The second part, containing short, but effectual directions for making low wines into proof-spirits, with their several uses, in a way never so plainly published before. The third part are some useful curiostities and medicinal observations; and written on purpose to answer the request of those that desire to be satisfied in things of this nature. By W. Y. a spagyrical physitian and phylosopher by fire. Licensed and entred according to order
Extent[36], 72 p.
PublisherPrinted, and sold by A. Sowle at the Crooked-Billet in Halloway-Lane in Shoreditch: and by most booksellers in London and Westminster




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