A brief treatise, on the truths behalf in discovery of falshoods

Publication Date1658
Remainderwhich are dispersed abroad in two papers of Richard Baxters who is greatly esteemed of as an able minister at Kedarminster in Worcester shire, but his ignorance and deceit is here made appear in his two papers, the one intituled, One sheet for the ministry, and the other, A second sheet for the ministry. And he hath pretended the one against malignants, among whom he hath numbred them called Quakers, and uttered forth his envy in several lies and revilings against that people called Quakers, whose known integrity shall stand a witness against all such deceivers and revilers as he is proved to be perpetually. 1. Here are several of the said R. Baxters lies made manifest and void. 2. Here is something concerning ministers maintenance, and tithes, which this priest Baxter goes about to prove that tithes are both of civil and divine institution. 3. Concerning the priests call to their ministry, and how it differs from the true call, with several other things of concernment that here both magistrates and people may come to see the blindnesse of the deceivers in this nation. This is given forth onely for the truth sake and for their sakes who love it, by their friend, George Whitehead.
Extent[2], 22 p.
Publisherprinted for Thomas Simmons at the Bull and Mouth near Aldersgate




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