Deep calleth unto deep; or, A visitation from on high unto the breathing seed of Jacob

Publication Date1663
Remainderwhich is not satisfied among all the professions in the earth, or with the husks cannot fill its belly, but is pincht with hunger, and feels a secret cry for the true bread that comes down from heaven which gives eternal life. Wherein is opened some of the mysteries of God's kingdom to the clear understanding of the poor in spirit to whom it belongs, but to others it's parables. Concerning God, what he is, and where he is, and of his worship; and of the first-day, and the seventh, or Sabbath day; also shewing plainly in what day God is rightly and truly worshipped, and the difference and character of the true worshippers and false clearly described. And concerning Christ, what he was before the law, and in the time of the law to this present time, and what and wher he is now; also something concerning the word, and the gospel, and the scriptures; and of the body of Christ, and resurrection and ascention, and of his coming and reign, and of the kingdoms of this world becoming his kingdoms, &c. which may give much satisfaction to the upright inquiring mind, being given forth in the true love and compassions of my breathing soul, that so the simple might be turned to hear the voice of wisdom (which crieth in their streets) and forsake the foolish and live. By William Bayly
Extent32 p.


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