An arrovv shot against Babylon out of Josephs bow

Publication Date1663
Remainderwhich grew up from the stem of Jesse, the root and offspring of David, (and was bent by the archer of Israel, which hath struck at Cains mark, from paradice into the land of Nod, and had lighted in the skirts of the grea whore, ... And this is a visitation and warning (once more) from God, unto all such rulers, teachers and people in England who are, or may be persecutors about religion and vvorship, that they may yet flee out of Babylon (mystery Babylon) the great vvhore (which hath set upon nations, and reigned over the kings of the earth) that they may partake no longer of her sins, ... And this may serve as a glass for all false Christendom to behold themselves, and try their ways, and see what spirit and church they are of, and whose children they are; if ye were Abrahams children, ye would do the works of Abraham. By William Bayly
Extent[2], 26 p.


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