The kingdome of England & principality of Wales, exactly described

Publication Date1644
Remainderwhith [sic] euery sheere, & the small townes in euery one of them, in six mappes, portable for euery mans pocket, The first beginning in Scotland & one sheere in England, Northumberland, & so to New-castle; the second hath his head at New-castle & extendeth it selfe, all Durham, Westmoreland, Cumberland, Yorkeshire, Lancastshire, & part of Lincolne shire; the third hath Norfolke, Suffolke, Cambridge, Bedford, Hartford, Buckingham, Oxford, Northampton, Warwicke, Huntington, Lecester & Rutland, parte of Lincolne, Nottingham, Darby, Glocester, Barkeshire & Essex; the fourth map runnes it selfe, all Shropshire, Cheshire; Stafford, Woster, Heriford most of Wales Anglesey, & part of Pembroke shire; the fift map, houldeth the south of Wales & Gloster, Somerset, Dorset, Deuon, & Cornwall, part of Wiltshire; the sixth mappe containes, Kent, Southsex, Surrey, Middlesex, Barke, & Hampshire, part of Essex, & Wiltshire, the small prikes boundeth euery shire. Vsefull for all comanders for the quarteringe of souldiers, & all sorts of persons, that would be informed, where the armies be; neuer so commodiously drawne before this. 1644 Described by one that trauailled throughout the whole kingdome, for its purpose.
Extent[1] single, [6] folded plates
PublisherSold by Thomas Ienner at the South entrance of the Exchange, W: Hollar fecit


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