Twenty one several books of Mr William Bridge

Publication Date1657
Remaindersometime fellow of Emmanuel Colledg in Cambridg, and now pastor of the Church of Christ in Great Yarmouth in Norfolk. Collected into two volums. In the first volum. 1 The great gospel mystery of the saints comfort and holiness ... 2 Satans power to tempt; and Christs love to, and care of, his people under temptation. ... 11 A vindication of gospel ordinances. 12 Grace and love beyond gifts. In the second volum. 13 Scripture-light the most sure light: ... 20 The great things faith can do 21 The great things faith can suffer
Extent[28], 119, 220-325, [27], 72, 75-131, [1], 151-259, [35], 115, [1], 197-214, [14], 33, [7], 23, [7], 66 p.
Publisherprinted by Peter Cole, at the sign of the Printing-press in Cornhil, neer the Royal Exchange




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