The trumpeter sent by God to all the principallities, states, and potentates of Europe

Publication Date1644
Remainderas namely, to Germany, the Nether-lands, and Italy; to the Kings of Castile, France, England, Scotland, and Ireland, Denmarke, Sweden, Hungary, Bohemia and Poland, and to the Flector of Saxony; and so to all their subjects in generall, for a warning to them, to betake them selves to speedy repentance, and every one in particular, to abstaine from sinning, and committing whoredome with that Babilonian Strumpet of Rome. (who is ever wooing the Kings of this world to idolatry, an superstition) that so they may avoyde the threatnings, punishments, and fierie wrath of the Lord their God. Published in the Dutch tongve by a man of God, before the beginning of that unnaturall warre betwene us and our Breethren of Scotland: and two copies thereof sent over hither neare three yeares since; the one to a person of great honour, the other to a Reverend Divine both of this city. Wherein we may see divers things of great confidence fulfilled, in France, Denmarke and other contryes, so long before foretould. Now faithfully translated, and printed according to order
Extent[2], 22 p.
Publisherprinted for Peter Cole, and are to be sould at his shop in Cornehill, right over against Popes-head Alley, neare the Royall Exchange


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