Plaine English to our wilfull bearers with Normanisme; or, Some queries propounded to and concerning the neglectours of Englands grand grievance and complaint lately published under the title of Anti-Normanisme

Publication Date1647
RemainderWherein is undeniably demonstrated, that while this nation remaines under the title of the (pretended) Conquest, she and every member of her are no other then slaves properly so called; and moreover, that (while she retaines the same title) all her and her representators contending wirh [sic] their prince for ungranted priviledges, upon any pretence whatsoever, is unwarrantable and seditious
Extent[5], 4, 10-14, [2] p.
Publisherprinted for George Whittington, at the Blew Anchor in Cornhill neere the Royall Exchange



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