A curious collection of law-books, ancient and modern

Publication Date1683
Remainderconsisting of the libraries of John Collins, Esq. late of Grays-Inn, deceased. And of another fam'd practicer of the law: with additions of the best and latest law-books hitherto extant : as also an appendix of a considerable number of books of the civil [and] canon-law: will be exposed to sale by way of auction, on Munday the 2d day of July, 1683, at the first house on the left-hand in Flying-Horse Court in Fleetstreet, near the Kings-Head Tavern at Chancery-Lane end. By Edward Millington, bookseller
PublisherCatalogues are given gratis at Richards Coffee-House, and Rain-bow Coffee-House in Fleetstreet; and at Mrs. Dangerfield's ... at John's Coffee-House ... at the Coffee-House over agianst [sic] Lincolns-Inn in Chancery-Lane; at Bridges Coffee-House ... at Edward Millington's


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