Two orders of the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament

Publication Date1642
Remainderconcerning a committee of citizens, chosen and appointed by the Parliament to see that no gun powder be conveyed out of London, without speciall warrant from them, the Lord Generall, or both Houses of Parliament. Also authorizing them to search and examine what quantities of gun-powder is, or shall be in the hands of any merchants, grocers, or any others, within the City of London, and 20 miles about, and to sirze [sic] upon whatsoever shall be found, for use of the Parliament. Likewise to issue out warrants to such persons as they shall thinke fit, to search by land or water all suspitious carriages packs, trunks, or other things wherein gun-powder may be probably carried, and to sieze upon all they so find. With the names of the said committee of citizens. Die Sabbathi, Decemb. 3. 1642. Ordered by the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament, that these two orders bee forthwith printed and published. Iohn Browne Cler. Parl
Extent[8] p.
PublisherDecem. 5. Printed for Iohn Wright in the Old Bailey

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