Catalogus librorum bibliothecæ selectissimæ Doctiss Rev, Viri D. Joannis Arthurii Londinensis

Publication Date1683
RemainderUna cum bibliotheca eximii alterius theologi haud ita pridem defuncti. Necnon variis libris modernis in plerisque facultatibus ex diversis Europæ partibus in Angliam nuperrime advectis. Quorum auctio habebitur Londini apud domum auctionariam ex adverso nigri cygni, in vico vulgo dicto Ave-Mary Lane prope Ludgate-Street duodecimo die Februarii, 1682/3. Per Edoardum Millingtonum Bibliopolam
Extent[2], 24, 20, 16, [2] p.
PublisherCatalogues are distributed gratis, at Mr. Mortlock's shop in Westminster Hall, Mr. Nott's at the Queen's Arms in Pell Mell, Mr. Wilkinson's at the Black Boy in Fleet-street, Mr. Collier's at the Bible on London-Bridg, booksellers; at Mr. Bridge's Coffee-House in Popes-Head Alley over against the Royal Exchange in Corn-Hill, at the above named Auction-House, and by Mr. H. Cruttenden at the Theatre in Oxford, and Mr. Francis Hick's bookseller in Cambridg


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