The crying sinnes reproved

Publication Date1656
RemainderWhereof the rulers and people of England, are highly guilty; with additions to their own confessions held forth by them in a declaration of their own, bearing date Septem. 23. wherein these three nations are called to a day of solemn fasting, &c. With meek exhortations to this present Parliament, that they take heed to themselves lest they make the guiltless to suffer upon the account of blasphemy or error, &c. while the evil doers go free, and the false prophets defended. And this in love to all their souls is a warning to them by one that loves equity and true judgement, ... E.B
Extent[2], 17, [1] p.
Publisherprinted for Thomas Simmons at the Bul and Mouth neer Aldersgate



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