The devil and the strumpet: or, The old bawd tormented. Being a true and amazing relation of one Jenny Freeman, of Swan-Alley, in East-Smithfield, who having been a Leud, notorious, and wicked liver for many years, and bawd to above 20 young women, to their utter ruin. The devil appear'd to her on Wednesday night last, in a most frightful shape, bringing her a knife to cut her down throat; dragging her out of her bed, and beating her black and blue all over her body, in a sad and dismal manner, leaving her almost dead in the place: and at another time standing over her with a flaming sword, for 3 hours together, and then vanish'd out at the window in a flash of fire. Being a sad warning for all leud women, and wicked strumpets whatsoever. Taken from her own mouth, and attested her at her house in Swan-Alley, near the May-Pole in East-Smithfield, where she no lies in a Sad and Dreadfuyl condition

Publication Date1700
Extent[2], 8 p.
Publisherprinted for E.B. near Ludgate


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