The time-serving Proteus, and ambidexter divine, uncased to the vvorld

Publication Date1650
Remaindercontaining two letters of M. John Dury (the great champion for the new ingagement, faithfully extracted out of the originalls under his own hand.) The first, to Joseph Hall, late Bishop of Exeter; th second, to William Lawd, late Archbishop of Canterbury. Wherein he expresseth the reasons which moved him, not onely to scruple and dislike, but in some sort to renounce his ecclesiasticall orders, and ministeriall function formerly conferred on him in the Reformed Churches beyond the seas; becaus not given by a di?cesan bishop, but by particular men, whereof none is above the degree of a priest; and in point of conscience to crave and receive a reordination, and new orders from our English bishops; that so he might enter by the door into the sheepfold: whose superiority in degree over oth ministers, and sole jurisdiction in conferring orders, he asserts to be jure divino; professing withall, his consicentious observance of, and submission to all their canons and constitutions; ... and so he actually was till their fall; and then he quite deserted them, and turned a zealous Presbyterian again, untill the late change of affairs metamorphosed him into an Independent; and since, into the first printed advocate for the new ingagement, proving a divine of as many various editions, as there are severall impressions of his inconsiderate Considerations
Extent[2], 6 p.


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