The application of redemption

Publication Date1656
Remainderby the effectual work of the word, and spirit of Christ, for the bringing home of lost sinners to God. The first eight books: in which (besides many other seasonable, and soul-searching truths) thereis also largely shewed, I. Christ hath purchased all spiritual good for his. 2. Christ puts all His into possession of all that good that he hath purchased. 3. The sold must be fitted for Christ before it can recieve him: and a powerful ministry is the ordinary means to prepare the heart for Christ. 4. The work of God is free: and the day of salvation, is while this life is last, and the Gospel continue. 5. God calls his elect at any age, but the most before old age. 6. The soul is naturally setled in a sinful security. 7. The heart of a natural man is wholly unwilling to submit to the word that would sever him from his sins. 8 God the father by a holy kind of violence, plucks His out of their corruptions, and draws them to beleeve in Christ. By that faithful, and known servant of Christ, Mr. Thomas Hooker... Printed from the Authors Papers, written with his own hand... By Thomas Goodwin, and Philip Nye
Extent[46], 174, 195-451, [1] p.
Publisherprinted by Peter Cole at the sign of the Pringting-press [sic] in Cornhil, neer the Royal Exchange




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