Rich. Baxter's review of the state of Christian's infants

Publication Date1676
RemainderWhether they should be entered in covenant with God by baptism, and be visible members of his church, and have any covenant-right to pardon and salvation? Or whether Christ, the Saviour of the world, hath shut all mankind out of his visible kingdom, and covenant-rights and hopes, 'till they come of age? And whether he did so from the beginning of the world, or after his incarnation? Occasioned by the importunity of Mr. E. Hutchinson, (and of Mr. Danvers, and Mr. Tombes,) who called him to this review in order to his retractation. An impartial reading is humbly requested, of those dissenters who would not be found despisers of holy truth, nor such as judge before they hear
Extent[8], 64 p.
PublisherPrinted for Nevil Simons at the Princes Arms in Pauls Churchyard


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