Another cry of the innocent and oppressed for justice

Publication Date1665
RemainderOr a third relation of the unjust proceedings at the sessions held at Hixes Hall for the county of Middlesex, and at Justice Hall so called, in the Old Baily for the city of London, upon the 18th. and 22th. dayes of th twelfth month called February, in the the [sic] year 1664. with and against 45. of the people of God, whom the world in scorn calls Quakers, of which 39. were sentenced, for a pretended breach of the late Act, 34. of which to be transported to the Island of Gamaica, for the space of seven years; and five to Bridewel. foure for eleven months, and one for six months; the other six were discharged. Published for the satisfaction of all that desires to know the manner of the proceedings against the said innocent people, &c. Unto which is added a short postscript
Extent16 p.

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