The Queen's Maiesties gracious ansvver to the Lord Digbies letter

Publication Date1642
Remainderand the Parliaments censure to the 18. rebels. With the examination and confession of Captain Butler, before the committee. Likewise the true relation of 36. other rebels, apprehended and taken in Milford-Lane, by many constables, and a strong watch. who intended to fire the City of London, had they not bin prevented The names of those 36 rebels.Captain Griffin, Captain Hornway, Captain Spencer, Lieuten. Williams. G. Coppinger Mr. Ric. Crab, Master. Iohn Tompson, Henrie Barton, Thomas Liedor, Adam Wheeler Wil. Hafferd; Garret Ryaur, I. Duport, Dan. Thornlie, Morgan Merridith Rich. Boys, Patrick Tenam, Thomas Lemon, Nich. Wright, Robert Delen, Darbie Kufoy David Speeloo, Ioh. Greenoraugh, Wil. Barwicke. Iohnas Kipling, Peter Fogheogill, David Bodurdo, Gefferie Roberts, Thomas Trig Adam Bedford, William Crineos, Iohn Daveris Henrie Scarebie, Patricke Coots David Powell, Darbie Cobois
Extent[8] p.
LocationPrinted at London
Publisherfor Tho. Powell and averred by I. B. Cler


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