Full and easie satisfaction which is the true and safe religion

Publication Date1674
RemainderIn a conference between D. a doubter, P. a papist, and R. a reformed Catholick Christian. In four parts: I. The true stating of our difference, and opening what each religion is. II. The true easie and full justification of the reformed or Protestant religion. III. The Protestants reasons and charges against popery, enumerated. IV. The first charge, viz. against transubstantiation made good: in which popery is proved to be the shame of humane nature, notoriously contrary to sense, reason, scripture and tradition, or the judgement of the antient and the present church; devised by Satan to expose Christianity to the scorn of infidels. By Richard Baxter
Extent[24], 189, [3] p.
Publisherprinted, for Nev. Simmons, at the Princes Arms in St. Pauls Church-yard


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