A declaration of the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament

Publication Date1642
Remainderthat all such persons who shall advance present moneyes upon the credit of their late ordinance, for the carrying on the great affaires of this Kingdome, shall be repaied all such summe or summes of moneyes, so advanced, so soone as the moneyes comming in upon the said ordinance shall innable thereunto. Also an order for the restitution of such goods to the owners, as have bin violently taken from them, having bin plundered or pillaged by the souldiers, Ordered by the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament, that this declaration be forthwith printed and published. Iohn Browne Cler. Parl
Extent[8] p.
PublisherDecemb. 3. Printed for Iohn Wright in the Old Bailey

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