The spiritual anatomy of man

Publication Date1693
RemainderIn which is considered, I. The happy state of mans integrity in his first creation. II. The woful apostacy of man from God, by his original sin, and how his posterity is guilty of the same, and affected with the consequences thereof. III. Mans restoration by the Second Adam, the Mediator Jesus Christ, and the excellency of the Covenant of Grace. IV. The whole series of Christian duties: with promised of assistance relating to the respective cases. V. The particular cases of affliction, especially spiritual defection, sickness, poverty, imprisonment, reproach, desertion of friends and relations, and the promises in the several cases. VI. The great encouragement to believers, for patience and perseverance, from the great reward of eternal happiness, and promises of assistance. To which is added an index of the whole contents. Published by Andrew Burnet M.A.
Extent[24], 294, [8] p.
Publisherprinted by T.S., and are to be sold by John Lawrence, at the Sign of the Angel in the Poultry

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