Brevia parliamentaria rediviva

Publication Date1662
RemainderIn XIII· sections· Conteining [sic] several catalogues of the numbers, dates of all bundles of original writs of summons and elections newly found, or formerly extant in the Tower of London during the reigns of King Edw. 1, 2, 3. R. 2. H. 4, 5, 6. and E. 4 being 117 bundles: of all the knights names of each county retorned on these writs; and all cities, boroughs, ports therin summoned to elect, send, or actually returning citizens, burgesses, barons, and how oft they did it during these kings reigns: with 3. catalogues of all the citizens, burgesses retorned on these writs for Bathe, Bristol, London: the ancient forms of elections, retorns cedules, indentures relating to each county, city, borough, port; besides sundry rare writs, records, memorials, and observations from them touching elections, retorns: the true original creation, continuance, discontinuance, exemption of antient boroughs: the late erections of new, and revival of some old petty boroughs; most of which writs, bundles, records, rarities (long buryed in dust and darknesse in Cęsars Chappel) hitherto unknown, were lately discovered, and here publishe for the benefit of posterity, by William Prynne Esq; a bencher of Lincolns Inne
Extent[24], 232, 233-248 leaves, [4], 249-384, 369-376, 393-398, [2] p.
Publisherprinted for the author, and are to be sold by Edward Thomas at the Adam and Eve in Little Britaine


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