Sir Francis Drake revived

Publication Date1652
RemainderWho is or may be a pattern to stirre up all heroicke and active spirits of these times, to benefit their countrey and eternize their names by like noble attempts. Being a summary and true relation of foure severall voyages made by the said Sir Francis Drake to the West-Indies. Viz. His dangerons [sic] adventuring for gold and silver with the gaining thereof. And the surprizing of Nombre de dios by himselfe and two and fifty men. His encompassing the world. His voyage made with Chistopher Carleill, Martin Frobusher, Francis Knollis, and others. Their taking the townes of Saint Jago, Sancto Domingo, Carthagena and Saint Augustine. His last voyage (in which he dyed) being accompanied with Sir John Hawkins, Sir Thomas Baskerfield, Sir Nicholas Clifford, with others. His manner of buriall. Collected out of the notes of the said Sir Francis Drake, Mastet [sic] Philip Nichols, Master Francis Fletcher, preachers; and the notes of divers other gentlemen (who went on the said voyages) carefully compared together
Extent[8], 87, [1]; [4], 108; 60 p.
LocationPrinted at London
Publisherfor Nicholas Bourne, dwelling at the south entrance of the royall Exchange

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