A faithful testimony and vvarning

Publication Date1672
Remainderconcerning the certainty of the great and notable day of the Lord, broken forth (in this age) after the long night of apostacy; wherein he will accomplish his great and glorious work (determined) of redemption and restauration. With something concerning the sufficiency of the grace of God, which hath appeared to all men, &c. Tit. 2.II. And of the true light, which lighteth every man that comes into the world, Joh.I. With a brief exhortation to them that believe in the light, and are turned from the darkness, Satan's power, to God. And a few words in reply to such as query, or ask, Whether did you ever hear or read of a people (in all the Scriptures) that were Quakers; and that preached of a light within, as you called Quakers do? And whether you own the scriptures to be the word of God? And whether you do not hold that dangerous tenet of perfection? All briefly answered, and given forth, for the sake of the simple, to silence the foolish-ignorant, and to reprove the scorner; that all such may awake, repent and turn to the Lord, before it be too late; for it is the day of their visitation. In true love to all you souls, by William Bayly
Extent30, [2] p.


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