A rational and speedy method of attaining to the Latin tongue

Publication Date1695
RemainderIn two parts. The first containing such precepts as are common to all languages. The second contains what is more peculiar to the Latin tongue. The whole being accommodated to the meanest capacities, not only persons of riper years, but any child that can read English, may, by this method, in a little time, arrive at a greater degree of knowledg, than is usually attain'd after several years drudgery in the common road. Most logical terms being in this treatise explained, the art of reasoning may be perfectly learned without much farther trouble. By A. Lane, M.A. Licens'd and entred according to order
Extentiv, 124 p.
Publisherprinted by J.D. for the author, and sold at the Phenix in St. Paul's Church-yard




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