A true and perfect account

Publication Date1743
Remainderof the examination, confession, tryal, condemnation, and execution of Joan Perry and her two sons, John and Richard Perry, for the suppos'd murder of William Harrison, gent. Being one of the most remarkable occurrences which hath hapned in the memory of man; sent in a letter (by Sir Thomas Overbury, of Burton in the county of Gloucester, Kt. and one of His Majesty's justices of the peace) to Tho. Shirly, Dr. of physick in London. Also Mr. Harrison's own account how he was convey'd to Turkey, and there made a slave above two years, when his master (who bought him there) dying, how he return'd to England, mean while suppos'd to be murder'd by his man-servant, who falsly accus'd his own mother and brother, as guilty of the same, and were all three executed for it on Broadway-Hills in Gloucestershire
Extent24 p.
Publisherprinted by J. Tilly, for J. Wilford, at the Three Flower-de-Luces, in the Old-Bailey



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