Annals of agriculture, and other useful arts

Publication Date1800
RemainderCollected and published by Arthur Young, Esq. F.R.S. secretary to the Board of Agriculture, honorary member of the socities of Dublin, Bath, York, Salsord, Odiham, South Hants, Kent, and Essex; the Philosophical and Literary Society of Manchester; the Veterinary College of London; the Economical Society of Berne; the Physical Society of Zurich; the American Society of Massachusetts; the Palatine Academy of Agriculture at Manheim; the Imperial Economical Society established at Petersburgh; the Royal and Electoral Economical Society of Celle; associate of the Society of Agriculture at Paris; and corresponding member of the Royal Academy of Agriculture at Florence; and of the Patriotic Society at Milan. Vol. XXXIV
LocationBury St. Edmund's
PublisherPrinted, for the editor, by J. Rackham, Angel Hill; and sold by Richardson, Royal Exchange, London


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