A supplement to the Onania: or, the heinous sin of self-pollution

Publication Date1729
Remainderand all its frightful consequences, in both sexes consider'd, &c. containing, some further remarks of the mischiefs, by this practice, particularly regarding procreation; refuting the malicious charges in a late scurrilous libel, intitled, Onania examin'd and detected, especially those relating to the ladies. To which is added, a curious piece (as promis'd) translated out of the Latin, from L. Sckmeider, as it is inserted in the Acta Lipsiensi[], concerning the return of the seed into the mass of blood, well worth the perusal of physicians, surgeons, anatomists, and all others of art and curiosity. As also, Dr. Quincy's translation of Dr. Carr's remarkable answer to a letter sent him by a divine, concerning two nuns at Rome, reported to have chang'd their sex. Likewise, Dr. Drake's, and several other physicians opinions of hermaphrodites, and women brought to a resemblance of them, by the practice of self-pollution, as was the case of a young lady of eighteen, whose well wrote letter to the author, describing and lamenting her condition, is, (in order to deter others) inserted
Extentvii, [1], 171, [1] p.
Publisherprinted (now only) for J. Isted, bookseller, at the Golden-Ball, between St. Dunstan's Church and Chancery-Lane end, in Fleetstreet. Price stitch'd 1 s. 6 d. (Mr. Crouch, bookseller, who us'd also to sell it, being dead.)


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