An intire system of arithmetic

Publication Date1721
Remainderor arithmetic in all its parts. Containing I. Vulgar. II. Decimal. III. Duodecimal. IV. Sexagesimal. V. Political. VI. Logarithmical. Vii. Lineal. Viii. Instrumental. IX. Algebraical. With the Arithmetic of Negatives, and Approximation or Converging Series. The Whole intermix'd with Rules New, Curious, and Useful, mostly Accounted for in the Preface. The Algebraic Part is rendered more Plain and Easy than hath been done, by Instructive Rules and Examples Literally and Numerally, in a Method New: Solving Equations, Simple, Quadratic, Cubic, &c. several ways. And in the proper Places of this Work are An Accurate Table of Logarithms to 10000, and Rules to find those to 100000000, and Natural Numbers to such Logarithms; with the full Use of the Table in Multiplication, Division, Involution, Evolution, and in the Solution of all Cases of Compound Interest, of which there are 24 Large and Exquisite Tables, (and one for the Valuation of Church or College-Leases of their Land) as also those of Simple Interest and Discount; with a new Method of finding the latter, and the present Worth of Money for Days. Also Ample Definitions and Explanations of Numbers, Quantitys, and Terms used in all Parts of Arithmetic, in Alphabetical Order; rendring the Whole more Intelligible, and the Easier Learned. With an appendix, shewing the Mensuration of more Superficies and Solids, than any Book wrote purposely on that Subject has exhibited. This Treatise, for Copiousness and Novelty of Matter and Method, far exceeding the most Perfect Arithmetic extant. Necessary for all who would in a short Time, and with little Study, acquire a competent Knowledge of Numbers and Species, or would make any considerable Progress in the Mathematicks. Written by Edward Hatton Gent
Publisherprinted: and sold by Mr. King, in Westminster-Hall; Mr. Browne, Mr. Mears, and Mr. Valentine, by Temple-Bar; Mr. Knaplock, Mr. Knapton, and Mr. Holland, in St. Paul's Church-Yard; Mr. Strahan and Mr. Simon in Cornhill; Mr. Mount and Comp. on Tower-Hill; Mr. Clements, at Oxford; and Mr. Crownfield, in Cambridge


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