The history of the bucaniers of America

Publication Date1741
RemainderContaining I. The exploits and adventures of Le Grand, Lolonois, Roche Brasiliano, Bat the Portuguese, Sir Henry Morgan, &c. II. The dangerous voyage and bold attempts of Capt. Sharp, Watlin, Sawkins, Coxon, and others in the South-Sea. III. A Journal of a voyage into the South-Sea, by the free-booters [of] America, from 1684 to [16]89. IV. A rela[tion] of a voyage of the Sieur de Montauban, captain of the free-booters in Guinea, in the year, 1695. Exhibiting a particular account and description of Porto Bello, Chagre, Panama, Cuba, Havanna, and most of the Spanish possessions on the coasts of the West-Indies, and also all along the coasts of the South-Sea; with the manner in which they have been invaded, attempted, or taken by those adventurers. The whole written in several languages by persons present at the transactions. Translated into English, and illustrated with maps. In two volumes
PublisherPrinted by S. Powell, for Edward Exshaw at the Bible on Cork-hill, over-against the old Exchange


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