An introduction to the English language and learning

Publication Date1754
RemainderIn three parts. Part I. A Spelling-Book of Arts and Sciences; Containing Alphabets of all the Words in the following Sciences, viz. Theology, Ethics, Grammar, Rhetoric, Logic, Poetry, Mythology, Phylosophy, Geography, Astronomy, Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Mathematics, Mechanics, Anatomy, Physic, Chemistry, Pharmacy, Botany, Jurisprudence, Heraldry. Disposed in a Method entirely New; With the Rules of True Pronunciation and Spelling. Part II. The Rudiments of English Grammar. With the Rules of Orthography, Construction, Emphasis, and a Just Elocution. Part III. Lessons on all the above-mentioned Sciences; Containing a particular Description of each, by Way of Exercise, or Praxis, to enable the Scholar to read justly and judiciously on any Subject whatsoever. With a Preface, shewing, that nothing short of the Method here taken can be sufficient for a Plan of Genuine English Education. By Benjamin Martin
Publisherprinted for W. Owen, at Homer's Head, in Fleet-Street



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