Honesty in distress

Publication Date1708
Remainderbut reliev'd by no party. A tragedy: as it is acted on the stage, &c. Act. I. Scene A Palace. Honesty Alone. Lady and Attendance. Honesty begins her Suit. Lady turning to her Servants. Lady's Woman. Footman to Honesty at going off. Honesty Alone. Act. II. Scene Westminster-Hall, with the Court Sitting. Enter Honesty among the Lawyers. One Lawyer to Another. Lawyer turning to Honesty. Honesty sneaks off, and Speaks aside. Attorney to Brother Snap Honesty is Whispsr'd in the Ear by a Ruin'd Client. Act III. Scene The City. Honesty Begging along the City. A Precise Apothecary to his Man. Honesty (aside.) Victualler to the Bar-Keeper and his Servants. Honesty (aside.) A Grocer to his next Neighbour a Hosier. Honesty enters the Exchange
Publisherprinted and sold by M. Edwards in Fetter-Lane




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