Bibliotheca technologica: or, a philological library of literary arts and sciences

Publication Date1747
RemainderViz. I. Theology; or the first Principles of Natural Religion. II. Ethics, or Morality; the Doctrine of Moral Virtues. III. Christianity; or the Substance of the Christian Religion. IV. Judaism; or the Religion and State of the Jews. V. Mahometism; or the Life, Religion, and Polity of Mabomet. VI. Gentilism; or the Deitics and Religion of the Heathen. Vii. Mythology; or an Explanation of Fabulous Histories. Viii. Grammar and Language, particularly of the English Tongue. IX. Rhetoric and Oratory; or the Art of speaking eloquently. X. Logic; or the Art of Reasoning and Persuasion. XI. Ontology; or the Science of Being abstractedly considered. XII. Poetry; or the Art of making Verses or Poems. XIII. Criticism; or Art of judging well of Men and Things. XIV. Geography; or a Description of the World. XV. Chronology; or the Doctrine of Time. XVI. History; with the Original of Nations and Kingdoms. XVII. Physiology; or Science of Natural Philosophy. XVIII. Botany; or the Doctrine of Plants and Vegetables. XIX. Anatomy; or a Description of the Parts of an human Body. XX. Pharmacy; or the Art of making Medicines. XXI. Medicine; or the Theory of Physic and Diseases. XXII. Polity and Oeconomics; or the Doctrine of Society and Government. XXIII. Jurisprudence; or - the Knowledge of Law or Right. XXIV. Heraldry; or Art of Blazoning Coat-Armour. XXV. Miscellanies: An Account of the Mathematical Arts and Sciences. By Benjamin Martin, Author of A New and Compendious System of Optics; and A Treatise of Logarithms, Common and Logistical, in Theory and Practice
Publisherprinted for James Hodges, at the Looking-Glass, over-against St. Magnus Church, London-Bridge



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